Speaking Into Fear

I literally struggled with anxiety all night.  Something had happened and it had been building ever since.

During the week it started causing me to be snippy and angry.  Not just outwardly but there was an internal negative struggle within me too.  Swear words bounced around my head and there was so much impatience and intolerance rolling around and out off my tongue.

But on this one night, I woke up and it was sitting there, on my chest, with its vice-like grip.  It had come to steal my sleep as well.  When I closed my eyes it met me in my dreams.

If you have ever had anxiety you will know how all-consuming it can be and the drain and exhaustion that it can bring. Personally, I hadn’t had an attack for a good while, so it was really knocking me about as well as the disappointment I had as I had thought perhaps they were behind me for good.

I had been asking God to help me through it and see me through to the other side.  Just simple little arrow prayers.  Shooting up little “Help me!” and “I need you” prayers were all I could managed.

Then the morning came.

My son came bounding into my room ready to start the day.  I popped on my mask – the one that doesn’t show the strain of anxiety – and tried to start the day with joy.

When I checked Facebook there was a reminder from Jennifer Eivaz in my news feed.

Some of you need to deal with the “spirit” of your home! Anoint with oil the windows and the doors and command every demonic spirit to leave! Then invite the Holy Spirit to be the ruling Spirit in your home and worship Jesus in your place. You’ll see the atmosphere brighten, lighten, and strife dissipate. It’s a spiritual problem. Your home needs attention.

God was speaking to me!  There WAS a spirit in my heart and home that wasn’t from him.

The Holy Spirit naturally brings love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Whatever was around me was bringing me hate, trial, fear, impatience, mean words, harshness and loss of control.

God was answering my simple little arrow prayers by shining a light on what was really at hand and guiding me into how to counter-act that.

So I prayed.

I walked around my house and started praying through each room.  I prayed in the power of the name of Jesus Christ that anything not come from him would leave.  I prayed the Holy Spirit would come and flood each room.  I handed back each place of our home to Jesus.

I also, more importantly, started praying through each part of me.  My thoughts, my feelings, my attitudes.  I prayed in the power of the name of Jesus Christ that anything not from him would leave.  I proclaimed out loud (because it is oh so powerful to do so!) that I was his.  My life is his and any control I have I give back to him (again).  I prayed the Holy Spirit would come and flood each part of me.

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit did move.  I could feel a shift deep within me.  Things were realigning the way they should be and I could hear God speaking to me still. It was as if he ran his hands over the parts of me that needed healing and suddenly his hand stopped where there was fear.

It was the incident that had happened during the week.  It had caused fear in me.

Do you ever struggle with fear?

God showed me the spirit of fear was trying to reign in my heart where only he was to reign.

What was I really scared of?  What was it that was at the heart of my fear?

For the first time, I stared the core of this fear face on, and every bit that caused me to tremble or feel out of control I prayed over out loud.  I prayed in the power of the name of Jesus Christ and reminded myself and the spirit that was causing the fear in me, that Jesus is the only one who has authority and ultimately the victory.  In the name of Jesus I told this spirit that he was not allowed to have any more control or power in my life.

I actually felt a lightness come over me.  The weight and vice-like grip that had been strangling me all week, simply left. Hallelujah!

So what if your anxiety hasn’t gone away?

I have experienced anxiety in various degrees for a good part of my life.  Through these experiences I have learned a lot about leaning on God.  I have trusted him when I started taking medication for it and I have trusted him when it was time to wean off the medication.

I have prayed about my anxiety and through my anxiety many times.  Every time God has met me and he as walked me through.  There have been times where I have prayed he would take it away.  Yet, it has not always left, or not straight away at least.

So why was this time different?

This time God showed me that the cause of my anxiety was a spirit that was not from him.  Is every anxiety the work of the evil one?  Well, maybe that is a whole other issue.  All I know, this time, this one was.

Once he showed me it was a spirit that was not from him then I knew there was power in the name of Jesus to tell it to flee from me.

Ever since, I have been humming this old tune I remember learning when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus

We have the victory

In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus

Demons will have to flee

When we stand on the name of Jesus

Tell me who can stand before

In the precious name of Jesus

We have the victory

Is there an area of your life that needs to be freed by Jesus?

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