Meet Megan


My name is Megan.  I am fascinated by family.  The relationships, the connections, the genetics.  The highest highs and the lowest lows.  The themes that flow down throughout the generations.  Both the good and the bad themes.

I am a devoted wife and proud (though often exhausted) mum. I am also a trained primary school teacher, employed as a music specialist and run my own music teaching business, My Melody Tree. These facets of my life bring me much joy and purpose but the life source that flows through each and every thing that I do, is the pure fact the I am God’s.  I am His creation, I am His daughter and I am loved by Him more than I will ever know.

It is my passion to share His love and message with others.  It is my desire to live my life faithfully following Him.  It is my purpose to pass on this life of faith to those around me and those that will come after me.  To both the people in my biological family tree and those who will become a part of my family tree through God’s love.

I’m so glad you are here.

Here at My Faith Tree you will experience honest and transparent stories of faith.

From the fears that can come from dipping your toe into the water, the doubts that can arise from walking on water and the awe and wonder that comes from witnessing God parting the seas and making a way.


I have started a few new categories on the blog page to help navigate to different areas of life that you might find some encouragement for.

This Life – Everyday Stories & Thoughts

The Mother LoadAll Things Parenting

Blogging in FaithBlogging Tips

I Do…EverydayMarriage Tales & Support

Believing in FaithPraying For Husbands

Anxiety AvenueFor The Rough Days

Study in FaithWhen You Want To Know More About God

You can be yourself.  You are welcome to share in the journey.

It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to think of how we can encourage one another and draw closer to Jesus together.

Come and join My Faith Tree.