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I am so excited to be able to publish and share my friend’s testimony as the very first “Dare To Share” testimony!

Dare To Share

If you have not heard of the Dare To Share challenge, it is all about sharing the message of Jesus’ transforming love and power by sharing your personal testimony of salvation.  Then, it is up to YOU how you want to share it.  You might want to share it personally with someone over a cup of tea, you might want to share it with that person at work who Jesus’ has put on your heart.  OR you might want to submit it to me, so I can publish it on My Faith Tree and share it through various social media platforms.

I would love to have a collection too numerous to count of testimonies for people to read to and be inspired to draw closer to Jesus.

There is no time frame, there is no deadline.  If you submit a testimony to me today, I will work on getting it published.  If you submit a testimony to me in a year’s time, I will work on getting it published.

You can check out more details about the challenge here: Dare To Share

Now, without anymore waiting, let me introduced you to my dear friend Katrina. Beautiful wife, brave mother of three and boldly being the first to share her testimony here at My Faith Tree.

Jesus, A Friend To Anyone ~ Katrina’s Testimony

My lovely friend Megan challenged her friends to share their Christian testimony with their Facebook friends, I thought I’d take up the challenge. Most of you by now know that I am a believer in Jesus Christ and do my best to follow his teachings and am active in my church community.

My journey with Christ began as 6 year old. I was lucky enough to be taught scripture in primary school by local church volunteers, this is where I heard that Jesus invited all those who believed in him to follow him and be his friend. He would be friends with anyone! Now I had a lot of trouble making friends as a child and this seemed like a dream come true, some one who would be my friend no matter what!

So when an invitation to attend Sunday school was issued I was extremely excited to go. My parents let me go, along with my younger sister and as we started attending, slowly but surely the Spirit worked His way into my family.

My Parents made commitments to Christ when I was about 8 or 9. By the time I was 10 they were active members of our church and I asked to be baptized. By 13 our family had made the commitment to train for overseas mission work and at 14 I was living in Kenya, then Tanzania.

It was all for Christ.

Now at nearly 40 he is still the centre of my life.  I journey on in life with Him in my heart and and grateful every day that Jesus died that I may be in a right relationship with God.

Thank you Father for sending your son that he could die on a cross and be a one time atonement for all the sin and evil in this world.

One day I will see him again in Heaven.
Thank you for reading xo

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Jesus A Friend To Anyone

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