Dare to Share Your Testimony: Join The Project

When was the last time you accepted a dare? Well, I am about to set you an important dare!

When was the last time you shared your testimony?  You know, the one about how you came  to know and love Jesus?

If I am honest, I don’t remember the last time I thought about my testimony of salvation.  I have many things wonderful experiences (or trying experiences!) of testifying to God’s goodness and grace in my life but there is something really special about our testimony of salvation.

I can already hear some of you (even through the internet, my hearing is THAT good!) saying,

“My testimony of salvation isn’t all that exciting.”

Well, I will admit, that some people have thunderbolt and lightning stories when it comes to that moment where they left the old way behind and started following Jesus. Others of us, have testimonies that slowly unfolded over time as Jesus gently revealed himself to you. Then others again, have a testimony firmly established through a long line of Christians.

Every single testimony is special because every single testimony is gloriously that – a testimony of the saving grace and power of Jesus.

So I dare you, dwell on your testimony.  Think about how your life would be if you didn’t have that testimony to share.  Think of all the good things, the blessed things, the grace-filled things and down-right life saving things Jesus has done for you.

Then, I dare you to share it.






Say, what?

Megan, you want me to go and tell people? Yes.  I do.

Open your eyes and see the brokenness in this world.  I am sure some of that brokenness has probably touched you at some point too.

The world needs Jesus.

I am not asking you to go out and convert people, but I am daring you to share what you have.

You might want to pray about how to best share your testimony.  Maybe it is with your spouse, your kids, your parents.  Maybe it is at your church, or the person you chat to at work.

Or maybe, it is sitting down and writing out your testimony and sending it to me.

Perhaps you are unsure of how to share your testimony.  You don’t have to be a good writer.  I will be proof reading and editing all submissions.  So leave all of that fancy stuff to me.   You just need to tell me about the truth and the facts.

If you would like some more tips, check out this links:


Honoring Christ By Sharing Our Testimonies

I want to fill the web, facebook, instagram and goodness knows where else, with testimonies of Jesus work of salvation.

When they are read, I am praying that they will encourage the readers christian or non-christian, I pray they will encourage you.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~ John 1:5 (NIV)

Please, please, come and share the light of Jesus with me.

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