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When Autism is a Relief

When Autism Is A Relief: Dare to Share 2

World Autism Awareness Week is this week. So when my long time friend, Becky, answered the #daretoshare challenge and asked me to coincide it with Autism Awareness week, I knew her testimony would lift Jesus high. I have known Becky for nineteen years and for nineteen years I have seen a woman who has thought deeply about God and has…

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A New Family Member At Christmas

We added a new member to our family at Christmas time. Well, sort of.  Okay, well it isn’t a real person or anything. It’s a robot.  A robot vacuum cleaner. I know I am a bit late to the party.  I know robot vacuum cleaners are not new. But mine, he’s not just a robot vacuum cleaner.  That’s right, you…

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To Be Or Not To Be: Trying To Fall Pregnant

When I was younger I would tell people I wanted to have six children.  SIX!  I had names picked out with two middle names (thank you very much!) It was a great time in my life.  In my imagination I could have six children with funky names (though I am thankful I named my fish those names now!), no sleepless…

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To the wife going to church alone

To The Wife With Young Children Who Goes To Church Alone

From one wife to another, I want to speak to your heart. When you are married to a non-christian your marriage is going to be different than those who are married to a christian. BUT God knows all things and He knew you two would be married. You have been chosen.  You were hand-picked by God to be your husband’s…

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