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It's OK to Give Your Husband Space

Ladies, It’s Okay To Give Your Husband Some Space

God whispered to me, “Give your husband space.”. I was confused. My husband and I had a huge problem to deal with. It was big enough to possibly impact the future of our marriage. I had watched enough tv shows, Hollywood movies and read marriage counselling books to know, if there was a problem, it needed to be addressed.  Discussed…

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Seven Years Rich

This week my husband and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. It made me think of that saying “The Seven Year Itch”, which then lead me to think of that ‘entertaining’ (please note sarcasm!) show “The Seven Year Switch”.  Neither of those sayings fit how I was feeling this week. We celebrated with loving text messages during the day, my husband…

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Rewind to The Love Dare

Let’s rewind to The Love Dare Challenge.  Remember that one?  The movie Fireproof, by the Kendrick brothers, brought The Love Dare Challenge to the screens many years before the much talked about War Room. The Love Dare Challenge is a challenge to invest into your marriage.  If you are married then you know that even the best marriages can go…

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The D Word

There are topics I love writing about. I love writing about heart-stirring faith or anything that will encourage others to live passionately worshiping Jesus. I have loved writing about love, family and relationships.  The warm and fuzzy side of them. I even like writing the trickier ones about ways to work on the hard bits you come across in relationships.…

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