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Speaking Into Fear

I literally struggled with anxiety all night.  Something had happened and it had been building ever since. During the week it started causing me to be snippy and angry.  Not just outwardly but there was an internal negative struggle within me too.  Swear words bounced around my head and there was so much impatience and intolerance rolling around and out…

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Diamonds In A Rough Year

It has been a rough year for many of us. This post follows on from When Peace Like A Tsunami.  I encourage you to read it before you start this post.  If however, you can’t be bothered, hey, I get that.  We have so much information thrown at us these days that even clicking on an extra link can be…

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When Peace Like A Tsuname

When Peace Like A Tsunami?

For the last couple of years, I have chosen a word for the year.  It is when you simply prayerfully choose a word to be a focus throughout the year. (You can find out a bit more here in case you would like to have a word for the year). To be honest, I started doing it because I thought…

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Say Yes To Messy Peace

I am an organised, orderly kinda gal.  It might not look like that if you took a peek into my laundry.  It is not one of my strongest points.  I am good at putting the washing into the machine, pour a scoop of powder in the drawer and then pushing the button…..after that, well, things tend to go down hill!…

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R U OK? Day: I’m Not OK

In Australia today, it is R U OK? Day. It is a brilliant concept encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and ask someone if they are ok. It is also encouraging the person being asked to answer honestly. So, I want to be honest. I have been quiet on the blogging front in the last few weeks.  I…

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