Speaking Into Fear

I literally struggled with anxiety all night.  Something had happened and it had been building ever since. During the week it started causing me to be snippy and angry.  Not just outwardly but there was an internal negative struggle within me too.  Swear words bounced around my head and there was so much impatience and intolerance rolling around and out…

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My Faith Tree: Know The Truth

Know The Truth, It’s Up To You

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Christians make mistakes.  Sometimes they are aware of them and sometimes they are not. When we become Christians an amazing transformation begins to take place as God starts to work in us to perfect us.  But until we are with Him in eternity, we are not perfect yet.  It is…

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It's OK to Give Your Husband Space

Ladies, It’s Okay To Give Your Husband Some Space

God whispered to me, “Give your husband space.”. I was confused. My husband and I had a huge problem to deal with. It was big enough to possibly impact the future of our marriage. I had watched enough tv shows, Hollywood movies and read marriage counselling books to know, if there was a problem, it needed to be addressed.  Discussed…

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When Autism is a Relief

When Autism Is A Relief: Dare to Share 2

World Autism Awareness Week is this week. So when my long time friend, Becky, answered the #daretoshare challenge and asked me to coincide it with Autism Awareness week, I knew her testimony would lift Jesus high. I have known Becky for nineteen years and for nineteen years I have seen a woman who has thought deeply about God and has…

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